Design your own inflatable products!

Manufacturers of games and inflatable structures, we design the most original structures for our customers (companies, associations or individuals).

Loved by kids and oldest, we manufacture all kinds of promotional items, decorations and inflatable structures to animate your events.

Achat Éléphant Gonflable publicitaire.

“Our only limit is your imagination”

Stand out from your competitors and step up with our panel of inflatable products. Control your budget with a strong and lasting visual impact. Our expertise allows us to offer you the lowest prices on the market.

The simplicity of the installation of the inflatables allows an almost instantaneous start with a reduced volume for transport.

Original, visible, simple and cheap: inflatable structures.

Characteristics of all inflatable products :

  • PVC material, tarpaulin (coated nylon), Oxford fabrics, …
  • color of your choice (quadricolor, pantone)
  • Marking by digital printing or painting
  • Ropes and bindings
  • Fire classification M1, M2 (optional)
  • Repair kits
  • Blower Electric inflator 220v or waterproof
  • Addition of LED lighting systems
  • Air or Helium
Structure Gonflable Sur Mesure: Chateau Gonflable, Arche Gonflable, Sky Dancer, Totem.
Structure Gonflable Sur Mesure: Ballon gonflable; Dirigeable Gonflable, Tente Gonflable

Do not hesitate to ask us for any quote or information.

The different inflatable structures that we can customize

  • Inflatable POS or inflatable object 2D or 3D
  • Inflatable decoration
  • Inflatable advertising
  • Advertising balloons
  • Inflatable Giant
  • Inflatable totem
  • Inflatable balloon
  • Inflatable airship and zeppelin
  • Advertising Arches
  • Advertising tents
  • Sky dancers / air dancer / air column
  • Hot-air balloon
  • Tap tap
  • Inflatable Furniture
  • Inflatable games
  • Inflatable signage
  • Inflatable castles
  • Inflatable Packaging
  • Inflatable Sofa
  • Inflatable event
  • Replica inflatable products

These products can either be supplied by the blower or sealed (with air or helium) trapped inside according to your needs and constraints. There may be some minimum order for certain products (inflatable POS, tap tap, …).

All shapes, colors and logos are customizable at will insofar as it is a unique custom creation.

We use the same process of creative steps for all inflatable products (graphic design, manufacture (prototype), validation and delivery).