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Find out how to make your own personalised inflatable mascot, from the sketch to the final mascot!

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Design you own inflatable mascot!​

The conception of inflatable mascots makes it possible to have much less manufacturing constraints than conventional mascots (most often made of foam and fabrics).

Inflatable mascots have in fact the ability to create disguises with larger volumes, without any form of constraints and with an impression on almost the whole structure. That is why this type of mascot is ideally suited for packaging replicas or mascots with shades or gradations of colors, etc.

A custom inflatable mascot is a self-ventilated costume that inflates with a battery-powered self-contained blower. The person equipped with the ventilation system (blower + battery) enters the suit through a zipper and inflates it. The autonomy of the battery makes it possible to use the mascot for about 1-2 hour (according to the volume of air of the mascot).

Large detailed mustard mascot
Large volume bird mascot
Large volume bird mascot

Conceptual scheme of an inflatable mascot

Custom Inflatable Mascot Costume Explanation. Inflatable advertising.

1. Reinforced sole for more comfort
2. Portable battery bag
3. Battery blower

Inflatable custom mascot features:

  • A height of 170cm to 300cm
  • Digital prints (with Pantone code) for a more realistic rendering
  • Different materials depending on use (PVC, coated PVC, Nylon, etc.), protected against UV
  • Possible addition of logos, accessories, etc.

Notre offre tarifaire

  • Price: €700€800 / excluding VAT
  • Included: graphic creation, design, manufacturing.
  • Lead times: 4 to 6 weeks of manufacturing

Contenu de chaque mascotte gonflable

  • A tailor-made mascot (envelope to inflate)
  • A nomadic wind tunnel
  • A 12V rechargeable battery + charger
  • A carrying bag

Steps to create your inflatable mascot

Our mascot creation and manufacturing process allows us to validate all the intermediate stages from graphic creation to final validation before delivery. This way, you can fully validate the product you receive, so there are no surprises on arrival.

[:fr]mascotte gonflable sur mesure croquis cochon[:en]custom pig inflatable mascot costume drawing[:]

Step 1 - Your mascot application

You send us your request through our contact form (or email) including and detailing as much as possible your request (quantity, size, design, colours, logos, …). You will also need to send us graphic elements of what you want to achieve: drawing, sketch, model, photo … If your project is only at the idea stage, we can guide and advise you towards the best option according to your needs.

We will provide you with a quote for your custom design. If your elements are not sufficient, we will ask you to refine your request with more information or images.
In order to validate the order and to start your project a deposit of 30% is required upon acceptance of the quote.

[:fr]mascotte gonflable sur mesure croquis cochon[:en]custom pig inflatable mascot costume drawing[:]

Step 2 - Graphic design

We create a unique graphic design of your inflatable mascot to the defined scale in order to validate with you the different elements and characteristics specific to your request. The graphic creation will be presented from different angles: front, back and profile.
It is possible to have severalgo/returns” to ensure that the mascot meets your expectations. Once this stage has been validated, the manufacturing process can begin.

[:fr]Design Mascotte Gonflable Sur Mesure.[:en]Custom Inflatable Mascot Costume Design[:]
[:fr]Fabrication Mascotte Gonflable Sur Mesure.[:en]Custom Inflatable Mascot Costume Manufacturing[:]

Step 3 – Making the inflatable mascot

Your inflatable mascot is in good hands! We create your inflatable mascot according to the previously approved graphic design. If necessary, we will validate the intermediate steps with photos.

At the end of the process, we take the last photos of your mascot for a final validation of it. Then we finalise the last details of your mascot before delivery to the address you have given us.

Comfortable, mobile, easy maintenance ...​

The inflatable mascots have considerable advantages over a “conventional” mascot.
They are :

  • Comfortable : pleasant mascot costume to wear with its low weight and air circulating inside.
  • Mobile : mascot allowing total mobility (move, walk, jump).
  • Easy maintenance : inflatable mascots offers easy maintenance, just wash it with soapy water (if dirty). If the mascot is holed, just plug it with a patch or a piece of scotch. The small holes do not prevent the mascot from inflating.
  • Vision : unlike conventional mascots where vision is to be integrated into the design of the mascot, it is possible to place the vision at any location in the inflatable mascot.
  • Durable : mascots are designed to last several years (only the battery degrades when used).
Giant Hulk mascot
Giant Playmobil mascot

Our products

Below are some examples of inflatable mascots we have made in the past: