offers you to make and create your own custom inflatable mascot costumes.

An inflatable mascot is a self-ventilated disguise that inflates with a self-contained battery operated blower system.

It is based on the same principle as inflatable castles but working with a battery blower that allows people to move with.

Custom inflatable mascots adapt to your imagination. Indeed, we can create inflatable disguises of all types of design and shapes such as characters, animals, products or logos. Our customers are diverse and varied: large brands, sports clubs or communication agencies.

Inflatable mascots are an undeniable plus for your marketing events and commercial animations. Used as an inflatable advertising costume or an inflatable packaging disguise, you will develop your brand visibly and lastingly.

Ink Cartridge Inflatable Mascot Costume


“Offer a fresh air flow to your events an inflatable mascot !”

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Inflatable mascots with inflated air are an innovative concept that attracts more and more professionals in the animation and events area.

This type of inflatable disguise is widely used for all types of street marketing events and promotional events and mainly for shopping malls, trade shows, exhibitions and sports events.

Self-ventilated mascots allow long-lasting animations for your advertising and marketing events. Their conception offer a good comfort because it is lightweight and pleasant to wear (Air circulates continuously and offers freshness inside the structure).

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