The creation steps of your inflatable mascot.

Our process of creation and manufacturing for mascots allows you to validate all the intermediate stages from the graphic creation to the final validation before delivery. As we ask you to validate the product sevral times during it’s design, there are no surprises for you upon the mascot arrival.

[:fr]mascotte gonflable sur mesure croquis cochon[:en]custom pig inflatable mascot costume drawing[:]

Step 1 / Your request for an inflatable mascot

You can send us your request through our contact form (or mail) by including and detailing your request as much as possible (quantity, size, design, colors, logos, …). We also need you to send us graphic elements of what you want to achieve: drawing, sketch, model, photo … If your project is only an idea, we can guide you and advise you on the best option according to your needs.

We will provide you a quotation for your custom creation. If your data are not sufficient, we will ask you to precise your request with more information or images. Thereafter, a 30% deposit with the agreed quote is requested in order to start your creation project.

[:fr]Design Mascotte Gonflable Sur Mesure.[:en]Custom Inflatable Mascot Costume Design[:]

Step 2 / Graphic Design (DAO) - BAT

We carry out a unique graphic creation of your inflatable mascot to let you validate the different elements and characteristic specific to your request. The graphic creation will be presented from different angles : back, face and profile. It is possible to have several round trips so that the mascot can meet your expectations. Once this step has been validated, we begin the manufacturing.

[:fr]Fabrication Mascotte Gonflable Sur Mesure.[:en]Custom Inflatable Mascot Costume Manufacturing[:]

Step 3 / Manufacturing of the inflatable mascot

Your inflatable mascot is in good hands!
We realize your inflatable according to the graphic design previously validated. If necessary, we will make you validate the intermediate steps on photos.

Upon the final step of the mascot creation, we take the last pictures of your mascot for a final validation. We then finalize the last details of your mascot before the shipment to the communicated address.